Design & Build Mission Statement

“It’s a better process with better results”

To understand this mission statement - consider the following:

  1. Our company’s “point of difference” is that we employ HVAC design engineers “in house” who work alongside the installers, electricians, PSA’s and others in our team effecting seamless time and cost efficiencies.
  2. We consult with the building owner and/or tenant and architect to plan the optimum concept and design. There are no charges for this service.
  3. Because the detailed Auto Cad working drawings and design specifications are completed in house by salaried staff with no extra overheads, this service is also virtually free of charge.
  4. Our seamless consult, design, build, commission concept results in savings that enable ASA to offer ‘excellence at a reasonable price’.  No consultancy percentage fees.  No builders subcontract margin.  No commissioning costs.
  5. In house design and build efficiencies negate design misunderstanding issues resulting in no job interruptions or delays and no surprise ‘extras’ charged.

Let us introduce you to clients who have saved dollars, frustration and time.

“Seamless HVAC consult, design, build and commissioning, achieving excellence, enhancing relationships and building trust”


Time given to discuss application or design issues with Architects, builders, owners, property managers and other associates is FREE and welcome.

 Arataki Community Centre Mech Layout

 Derek Tristram Clinic Main mechanical drg Layout

 Laser Eye Clinic - Mechanical Layout

 Main Mechanical St Johns Layout

 Westpac Trust Main mechanical Layout

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