Our commercial Auto Cad design and/or build portfolio includes larger buildings such as Devonport Towers, ABN Amro Craigs and the Westpac Building as well as smaller projects such as Sports House Hamilton and Ingham Mercedes. The old adage ‘no project to small or too large’ applies with projects including:

    • Hydronic (open water) upgrades
    • Chilled water system upgrades
    • VRF system design and build
    • Ventilation compliant systems
    • Comprehensive ducted systems
    • Large heat recovery systems and heat pump pre heat fresh air systems
    • Simple cassette, high wall or floor console systems for offices

Our Auto Cad design portfolio drawn by our own ‘in house’ HVAC engineers include:

    • Operating theatres
    • Car park extraction
    • Monitoring and controlling oxygen levels in the presence of liquid nitrogen and monitoring and controlling the humidity to optimise the evaporation of the liquid nitrogen at low levels and complying with fresh air parameters and maintaining preferred temperatures
    • Systems to control and monitor humidity levels in computer server and sensitive electrical equipment rooms
    • Systems for controlling extreme dust/powder working environments in large flour mills
    • Smoke clearance

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